Mommies, Mother’s Day might not be over yet! If you’ve been following mommy influencers and
other kids-related brands, then you might have stumbled upon a post of three smiley-looking
circles set against a green background. These posts, which have caught the attention of many,
with the hashtag #August26isFamilyDay, have made all of us put on our thinking caps about the
surprise event!

dyosathemomma-edamama-familydayMore details are yet to come about what’s really happening on the date, but many are already
assuming that it’s something that will make moms like us keen with joy! What it might be? A big
toy sale? The biggest expo for kids’ products? Or maybe it’s a huge conference for anything and everything related to parenting? Whatever it is, we’re sure it’s going to be big⁠—and make all of us feel like Mother’s Day has come a second time this year!

Check out the Facebook post and let us know about your guesses! Also, don’t forget to follow the
hashtag #Augus26isFamilyDay to stay on top of future details!

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