When was the last time you traveled since the pandemic? I know most of us have been skeptical, or more like scared, to leave home and continue to explore different places like we used to. But despite what’s happening to the world now, perhaps we can say that traveling is really part of life for families across the globe.

This 2022, recreational travel has been permitted by the Philippine government and other countries. People were allowed to finally get in and out of the country again and within the provinces of our own beautiful island. But let’s not forget that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and traveling still has its risks and complications in many parts of the world.

dyosathemomma-traveling during the pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracaydyosathemomma-traveling during the pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracay

My family and I recently went to Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan, Philippines. Yes, it is one of the most beautiful beaches our country boasts of and was recently named as one of TIME’s 50 World’s Greatest Places list!

dyosathemomma-traveling during the pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracay

Our travel was smooth and seamless. I booked an all-in travel package from Guide To The Philippines. Basically, nothing really changed with domestic flight protocol other than wearing face masks and presenting your vaccination cards. If you and your loved ones will be traveling, here are some tips to consider to help you stay safe.

Do not travel if you or your family are sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19

Please, have mercy! If you have been around someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, stay at home! It is important to remember that no vaccine provides 100 percent protection against COVID-19. Check local guidance at your destination and the COVID-19 transmission and vaccination rates to be informed of the level of precautions you should take.

Check ahead what options are available at your destination for transport, food, and accommodation

Remember that some businesses and services may be fully or partially disrupted in affected areas, including public transport, shops, and restaurants, as well as popular tourist attractions. Try to check for the latest information on changes to services and procedures.

Plan to avoid visiting crowded spaces, poorly ventilated enclosed spaces

Try to avoid travel where physical distancing may be difficult for prolonged periods. You should also check if you can avoid traveling at peak times and take routes that are less congested wherever possible. Wear maskΒ when in public places where COVID-19 is widespread and physical distancing is not possible.

dyosathemomma-traveling during the pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracay

Β Sanitize your hands frequently

Try to limit your contact with frequently touched surfaces or areas like table tops or door handles. Always keep an alcohol-based hand sprays handy and easy to get after each time you had to hold or grab something.

Wash your hands properly when there’s a chance

Remember, we can not see this enemy and proper hand washing is the best way to fight it. Wash your hands frequently using germicidal soap and water whenever possible.

Check if the hotel implementing updated policies for cleaning and disinfection

We all love a clean and well-sanitized hotel, don’t we? This is very important and a necessity.

Plan to bring your own food and drinks where possible

This will also minimize your exposure to money when paying which is really very very dirty.

Bring a first-aid kit

Make sure any family members taking medications bring enough to last for the entire trip. Some of the most important things to bring are bandages, Paracetamol, meds for headaches, tummy aches, flatulence, or allergies.

Boost up your immune system!

How else can we fight viruses and other disease-causing bacteria but with a healthy body and strong immunity, right?dyosathemomma-traveling during pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracay

My family is protected byΒ Dayzinc which contains a combined synergy of Vitamin C and Zinc for an immune-boosting action for the whole family para sa Proteksyong C-guradong, Zinc-gurado! It has 50% sodium ascorbate, the non-acidic form of Vitamin C which lessens gastric irritation and can be taken on an empty stomach.

dyosathemomma-traveling during pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc

dyosathemomma-traveling during pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracayDayzinc has a complete line for the whole family! My youngest, Mariana, takes the syrup. My 6 years old, Amaria, loves the chewable tablet. It is in Valencia orange flavor which is sweeter than your ordinary orange (pediatric preparations). While my husband and I take the 500mg capsule everyday. It is also available in oral drops for infants.

dyosathemomma-traveling during pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracay

I always keep enough stash of Dayzinc at home because it’s very affordable and available in Mercury Drug stores and Lazada. You may check out the website for more details.Β #DayzincGaling

dyosathemomma-traveling during pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracay

dyosathemomma-traveling during pandemic-covid-19-dayzinc-boracay

For your family’s protection partner against diseases and infections, it should exude security and confidence to go on with your daily routine, or even travel!

Good health should be a priority and all members of the family must stay protected from diseases and infections. Cough and cold will be much more common now that the Philippines has transitioned from dry season to wet season already. And again, the threat of COVID-19 is not yet over.

Traveling is part of our lives. It is how we learn more, meet people, relax, and enjoy life. When traveling with the family during the time of the coronavirus, remember that being on your optimal health is very essential. Happy safe travels, everyone!


Momma Nish



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