April 18, 2016- I delivered a healthy baby girl. Fearing C Section so much, aside from routinaryย walks and a little zumba, I always talk to my baby inside my tummy, “You came in from there, you have to come out from there as well.” ๐Ÿ˜€ ย Plus, it is also very important that youย have a good relationship with your OB who will take care of your best interest. Now, with a little help of forceps because the cord was looped around her neck, my Amaria Niszha came out from me via Normal Delivery!



Now, 4 months after that most important and painful day of my life, I’d like to share some ofย the things that soon-to-be mommies could expect. Having an idea of what to do and what not do after a normal delivery is equally important as our preparations before and during pregnancy.



After delivery:

Your post-pregnancy tummy will not instantly shrink back. No, it won’t. The extra fat and the stretched skin need time and of course, some work.

Though your uterus will slowly contract back to its original size which might make you feel some kind of menstrual-like cramps.

Your vagina will sore. It will be difficult to move normally because your muscles will contract, especially if you had episiotomy (the cut between vagina & anus). Most importantly, uranating & pooping will also be a challenge for roughly over a week.

That is on top ofย the vaginal bleeding for 2-4 days that you will also be experiencing after the delivery.

So you see, dads, you will never imagine the pain mothers go through after delivering your beautiful baby. The suffering doesn’t end on the delivery! It totally does not! So kids, be good to your mothers, will yah?

Now, based on my experience, let me have the honor to just share some tips on how to handle the pain or at least manage to get by for the next days. ๐Ÿ™‚


Aside from washing with Betadine 7.5% Antiseptic Feminine Wash every after each pee or poop, my momcy also boils Guavaย leaves for me and I wash my wound with it once a day, after my bath in the morning. Just the right amount of warmth that you can handle, it relieves the itchiness & soreness and helps in faster healing, as I suppose happened to me. And yes, I am lucky to have my mother assist me after giving birth. ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep your perineum clean! Basic. Shower everyday & change your sanitary pads very regularly. And please, please don’t go swimming.

Move like a queen– carefully and slowly. Roll when you need to get off the bed and be cautious when sitting down, you wouldn’t want the stitches to come off, would you?

Since defecating will be somewhat strenuous, drink plentyย of water and eat high fiber foods to make your stool soft and therefore easier to pass. Also, try to lean forward when pooping. Don’t strain because remember, the muscles you are using are same with the muscles you overexerted very recently when you delivered your baby.

Wear comfy clothes and do not engage yet on lifting things or exercises that need too much effort. So therefore, no sex yet. Ok?


And of course, SEE YOUR DOCTOR! These are just advises based on the experience of a first time mom, your doctor will alwaysย know best. Do not miss your post-natal checkup and inform her about everything that you’ve experienced after you were discharged from the hospital. I am lucky I got a great OB that takes really good care of me. Hello, Dra. Mitch Dado ofย  Delgado Hospital! ๐Ÿ˜€


For me, giving birth is the most crucial part of a woman’s life. Her body goes through a difficult process and some of the changes, like stretch marks and gained weight might be something that she’d have to live with. But having healthy, beautiful babies? Ugh! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. These are all great tips. Having a baby is so much more than just the actual birth, there’s a lot of after-care needed too and it’s important to take care of yourself afterwards.

  2. These are all very good tips! I had to have an emergency c section the first time around, wish I’d had a list like this to refer to!

    • I didn’t even know most of these before I gave birth to my baby. You’d really know the real thing once you’re already in the situation. Hope I also read a thing a two about post-natal care before.

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