Let’s admit it. By all means, we’ll give the best care to our babies. I, myself, didn’t know that being a mother means caring so much for another human being ever so selflessly, until I became one.

On this note, I am proud to say that my Amaria Niszha is one of the 25 million babies in 100 countries around the world who uses Pampers- the #1 selling diaper worldwide. We’ve trusted this diaper brand since Ysha was a newborn until now that she’s 16 months old and all I could say is that WE LOVE IT!


Now, knowing that Pampers has a new product with newΒ innovations added to enhance comfort and dryness made me excited to try it!


Pampers Premium Care provides the 5-star skin care every baby deserves!Β Made with quality materials, breakthrough technology and Japanese craftsmanship, this product is masterfully created with ensured comfort, softness and dryness for our babies’ sound sleep and happy mornings. Now, who wouldn’t want that? πŸ˜€


It’s no secret that babies learn many first things through touch so it’s pretty obvious how the skin plays an important role in baby’s development. Pmapers’Β Skin Protection LotionΒ feature is another upgrade that wraps babies’ skin with silky softness.


The Magic Gel Channels plus the Absorb Away Liner allow even and fast absorption of runny poo and excessive wetness that causes baby’s discomfort or rash.


I even had a DIY demo with Ysha at home and I’m quite impressed with the results!

Look how dry it is! It absorbed the water really fast!

You may also watch out vlog to see more of the DIY demo that I made with this little tot! It was such a struggle! Ahaha!

And what’s even awesome is that it fits my baby perfectly despite her enormous legs! Hahaha!







Happier playtime!



And sweet bedtime for my little girl!


Which, of course, makes the momma happy too!! πŸ˜€

Bonus factor is the cutie design! <3


It is now available in the Philippines so we can say goodbye to saggy diapees!Β Moms have found their partner in providing the best care they could give to their little ones.

It’s amazing how Japan technology makes it so thin yet very absorbent!
Plus it’s really silky soft!

No wonder why one of the parenting authority in the Philippines- Smart Parenting– has given Pampers its seal of approval as the diaper “Best for Newborn Skin.” and is also recognized by Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP) as No. 1 recommended brand for Newborn skin.



New moms like me wouldn’t want to give anything less than world-class care for our precious babies. I am glad there’s Pampers to assist me in providing the best for my Ysha!


Momma Nish

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