There’s just so much to do and explore in Singapore! A total awesome destination for a family holiday!

Let me share you some suggestions or tips you could probably use to make traveling with little kids a little less hassle if you plan to tour around SG with a toddler as young as 1 year old!

1. Wear comfy shoes. The city is small but you’ll be surprised how huge its amusement parks are! You’ll be walking the whole day long if you’re really into ‘exploring’ the places.



2. Bring a hat and sunscreen. Weather’s much like the Philippines. During our vacation (August) , it was too sunny then it’ll suddenly drizzle! Hats will come in handy for both the sun and the little rain.


This talc-free powder kept my little girl fresh!

3. Carry along your own water bottle. There are drinking fountains on most of the tourist destinations. You will save a lot if you just refill your bottle than just keep on purchasing after finishing one. It’s hot and you’re gonna get tired from all the walks and activities so you’re sure gonna get really thirsty!


Nursing cover & pillow makes breastfeeding moms’ lives easier! <3

4. Bring snacksss! We had a good Singaporean food experience on all of the places we visited at SG. But be sure to also have a snack to pull off your bag once the little kids started to get fussy. To me, it also added pleasure to our tour as we were munching on some of our baon while walking or resting by the beach. Saves you some $$$ too!



5. Put extra clothes on your baby bag. This is basic but you would want to add swimwear to this. I didn’t know there was a water park inside the Singapore Zoo and Ysha wanted to play upon seeing it so we bought her an emergency wetsuit. Cheapest I found was SG$35.


There are also ‘Baby Care Rooms’ with nappy change and nursing facilities in a huge number of locations throughout the airport and the tourist spots! SG is a total baby/kid friendly place!

6. Bring their stroller. I wouldn’t be able to emphasize enough on this blog how helpful Ysha’s stroller was to us on this trip. She could sit politely on it while transporting from one train station to another. It’s also her comfy resting place when she gets a nap after all the running, eating and activities. Plus we also put our bags and other things we bought on the bag holder so we technically do not have to carry anything at all! Made our lives easy!



7. Book your tickets online. This will save you much effort and time from lining up! We booked ours at where we found the cheapest, and they have additional promos too.




8. Pack small sized toiletries and toys. There is no such thing as ‘over packing’ when you have kids! But be sure to minimize the luggage weight by bringing pocket-sized shampoo or books.


Ysha loves books! We packed her these little ones, gifts from tita Rachelle. <3

9. Take the MRT. Getting around Singapore is easy since they have one of the world’s best transport systems. Taking the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) is cheap and easy in SG. There’s always an accessible lift at every station for buggies! MRT operates from 5:30am to midnight.



10. Taxi’s better than Uber. Alternatively and surprisingly, it is pretty affordable and more convenient to travel by taxi compared to Uber. We didn’t know that children under 8 yrs of age must be belted into a carseat when traveling in Uber cars in Singapore. Something travelers wouldn’t bring on a trip, of course! I remember waiting for our Uber ride to Singapore Zoo. Car came, driver saw Ysha and said “Sorry I can’t take you. You have a child and I don’t have a car seat for her.” We eventually found out that car seats are not compulsory in Taxis however, so we ended up hailing for a cab & paying cash to some of our destinations instead.



11. Extra camera & a powerbank! You sure wanna capture every smile from your kids’ happy face as they enjoy the shows or the views. Don’t let “Low Battery” or ‘Memory Card Full’ ruin the moment!




 10. Do not be afraid to ask the locals. Most Singaporeans speak English and are willing to help tourists. If you want to know where’s the best restaurant, which station to the USS, or you find yourself lost in anyway- ask!


12. Exchange your Peso to Singapore Dollar before your flight. There are money changing stalls in the airport but rates are better at Tivoli.


It’s amazing how Singapore is extremely clean and there are too many places to visit! We couldn’t squeeze everything during our stay so we plan to come back and visit the rest when Ysha gets a little older. I hope this list would help you plan your SG trip. Happy family vacation! Enjoy!

Our awesome family swim in Marina Bay Sands! <3


Momma Nish

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