Power Moms Who Power Through at Home with These Practical Parenting Hacks – Parenting is no easy feat, and providing the best for your child amidst a crisis is a challenge like no other. As parenting outlook and practices change, moms continue to power through in providing the best for their children. Because amidst hardships and uncertainties, a mother’s strength shines through.

For they are Power moms.

In a time when resources are limited, the wisest course of action for power moms is to be practical and madiskarte. Being on a tight budget is one of the many obstacles that moms experience. This doesn’t mean having to scrimp on quality products for your children. Finding products that deliver baby the protection they need, while still being easy on the wallet, may not be easy. But it is possible.

This is why Pampers continues with its mission by providing superior products to support parents in keeping baby safe from ba-bad elements like pee, while helping them save more in the long run. From choosing practical quality products for baby, to finding creative ways to keep them entertained, there really is no innovator like a practical #PampersPowerMom.

To help promote baby’s continuous healthy development, we provided practical parenting hacks for Power Moms to conveniently do at home.

Here are 5 smart & practical parenting hacks that allow you power moms to continue providing the best for your babies amidst a crisis:

1. Protect baby through the practice of good hygiene while you save on hidden costs

Power moms know the importance of making a habit of good hygiene to help keep germs and viruses away. When baby’s sensitive skin is kept clean and dry, it is also a good line of defense against skin discomfort and irritation.  It is important to use gentle products on baby that effectively cleanse yet does not irritate.

When cleaning during a diaper change, we recommend wipes that are gentle on the skin, and as mild as washcloth and water. With baby’s sensitive skin needs in mind, Pampers Sensitive Wipes is free from alcohol, Parabens, and Phenoxyl-ethanol.

For an ultra-soft and strong baby wipe, Pampers Sensitive Wipes allows less wiping without sacrificing good hygiene for baby, helping lead to less wipes uses and more savings.


 Pampers Power Mom Rochelle Miko-Rivera bonding with baby Eliana, showing no signs of discomfort.   

2. Motivate and inspire hard work through rewards 

Rewarding baby can come in many forms, and not just by buying them toys. Rewards serve as acknowledgements for a job well done. They provide an emphasis in good actions and helps baby to complete tasks.

Through makeshift currencies like paper money, you can reward baby for accomplishing simple tasks at home. A reward chart also provides a visualization of baby’s progress in completing a task. Reward charts can be a hand-written poster stuck on the wall or even a sticker chart on the fridge.

They can then use this hard-earned reward to “buy” snacks from the pantry or choose a movie to watch at home. Power moms know that introducing them to a reward system early on will show them the value of hard work and will hopefully teach them motivation to always work hard at any given tasks.

3. Use quality items to cut down on costs 

At this time when health and safety are most critical, using quality products for your baby can help assure that they are getting the protection they need. This can be important for products that baby often uses, and those that touch their skin, like diapers.

Low quality diapers that can get lawlaw easily may lead to serious problems when baby’s skin is babad in a pool of wetness. Babies that experience babad are left with a breathing ground of bacteria, that could lead to diaper rash and skin irritations. What makes it worse is when their diapers are rarely changed.

Pampers diapers are less lawlaw* and can absorb pee across the entire diaper, so there are less chances of a babad diaper. It absorbs faster and does not get full easily leading to less diaper change. Being a practical choice, this in return will give you more savings.

Tested by a #PampersPowerMom, Mommy Omni is thankful to choose quality products like Pampers.

“It gives me and Bryce the guarantee we need that our Zed is safe from being babad in a pool of wetness that can harm his skin. Iba talaga kapag less lawlaw!” She                  adds, “Since it (Pampers Diapers) is less lawlaw, I can change the diapers less in a day and so I save more.”  

Caring for your baby is a tough job. That’s why Pampers provides quality products that help protecting baby easier for practical power moms like you.


Pampers Power Mom Omni Amisola-Larrosa having quality time with baby Zed and the whole family. 

4. Encourage creativity using household items 

Power moms know that they can stimulate baby’s imagination with household items that can be as good as fancy toys. With a flashlight, you can perform a shadow play in a dark room by pointing the flashlight against a wall. With different movements of your body, you can make up so many characters that will keep baby entertained and thinking.  Release the inner painter by letting baby do water painting on a cardboard box. With only a tub of water, and cardboard boxes, let baby’s imagination flow with their hands at almost no cost.


    Pampers Power Mom Feliz Lucas happily finger painting at home with her baby Tori.

5. Boost baby’s mental and physical development at home with zero-cost activities 

Since summer classes and workshops are cancelled, Power moms turn into their smart and practical ways keep babies learning. Dance, art, and even sports activities can be learned at home at no cost for mommy.

Let baby move freely by staging concerts at home through sing-alongs and doing easy to follow dance videos. You can utilize your cookware as a drum set, use a shoe box with tied strings as a guitar. You can also use a hairbrush as a microphone. With this, you can have your whole family act and rock out as a band to their favorite nursery rhymes.

Sports sessions are not cancelled at home with activities like hide and seek, pillow fights, or board or card games. Power moms know how resourceful that can be when the situation calls for it.


Pampers Power Mom Janice Lagman-Lizardo with baby Jace enjoying his rice sensory bin to boost play and learning.

In partnership with Power moms all over the Philippines, Pampers holds “It’s a Mom’s Life” livestreams on Facebook. Here, moms can share insights on how they are coping through practical means and creating new parenting hacks at home.

“#PampersPowerMom Hacks” content is also available at Pampers Lazada page. It features practical ideas from experts and moms that families can try at the safety of their homes. Moms can access all of these at Pampers Philippines Facebook page.

For more parenting hacks that you power moms can do at home, visit Pampers’ Lazada page.

Through providing practical quality products, and practical & smart parenting hacks that families can do for their kids, Pampers aims to help #PampersPowerMom course through crises, in the smartest way possible.

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