Grocery shopping has been more like a casual fun experience to me more than an actual chore to accomplish since I became a mom. Strolling along the aisles with Ysha seems to be an adventure for the both of us! We never notice time swiftly flying by while we pick out our all-time favorites and our trusted household brands, or checking new items to try out.

I am so honored to be invited at the VIP launch of Shopwise Circuit Makati. The opening was really GRAND! Going around and checking what this new grocery branch of Shopwise could offer, I realized, I never went grocery shopping alone since I had Ysha! ๐Ÿ˜€

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

Let me give you a quick tour of what I loved inside this grocery!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati
The center aisle displays the best deals!

There is nothing better than getting a good deal and saving money on food and products at a grocery store. Buy one get one free? Hell, yeah! ๐Ÿ˜€

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

Broccoli is my 2 year old’s favorite veggie. <3

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makatidyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, seafood

If my husband were with me, he would be drooling over these fresh seafood selection! ๐Ÿ˜€

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, meat section

Beef meat is imported from their direct supplier from Australia that’s why it’s fresh and price is competitive.

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, meat section

SHOPWISE is knownย its affordable quality, everyday freshness, budget-friendly variety, and fast, friendly, and fun service. No wonder why millions of customers have made Shopwise their shopping destination of choice! I must say it’s the most comfortable, practical, and efficient place to shop for a wide selection of fresh goods, groceries, clothes, toys, and home accessories, all under one roof!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati
Ysha and I never miss to hit this station before heading over the counter! ๐Ÿ˜€

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, international selectiondyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, health and beauty sectiondyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

Who doesnโ€™t enjoy shopping on such well organized and labeled display?

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makatidyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

Snack time or bread for takeout? They got that too!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, bakery

This grocery gave me the chills! It has EVERYTHING! And as a mom, what could be more convenient than that?

Look who were the moms I bumped into also doing their grocery shopping here!

Hmm… So dito pala naggo-grocery ang magagandang mommies? Hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s something moms should know: Shopwise has thisย Wisecardย that serves as a pass to wonderful shopping privileges in and around Shopwise. You may earn rebates and enjoy fabulous perks from partner establishments, exclusively for Wiseclub members. Just show your Shopwise Wise Card at partner establishments to get exciting perks!ย EARNย points every time you shop at Shopwise!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, wisecard

I highly recommend you get yourself an ecobag and always bring them along when shopping. And don’t you just love seeing neatly stashed grocery baskets and carts? Oh, I do!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati
Happy staff by the checkout ready to assist customers. ๐Ÿ™‚
dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati
Competitive moms trying to calculate how much everything in the cart costs!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, Guess The Cart July-August 2018

You can get the chance to win P2,000 worth of GC if you shop and guess the correct amount of everything in the cart until August 23!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati, Lynn Ching
This joyous event was hosted by the lovely Lynn Ching.

Glad to have witnessed this remarkable day for Shopwise!

We were also serenaded by the Queen of R&B, Kyla, after an awesome dinner!

dyosathemomma: Shopwise Circuit Makati

Shopwise continues to deliver modern retailing to the aspirational Filipinoย middle class family.

I enjoy doing the grocery because I love having the power and control over getting to choose my own foods and my family’s and what I want to use for our home. I like being able to buy healthy foods and then indulge a little and buy ice cream for Ysha and me!

I love shopping on a grocery as complete and convenient as Shopwise!


Momma Nish

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  1. Grabe ang experience q sa shopwise nung nagopen dto samin.. hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ takenote, preggy aq dat time mommy pumila q sa cashier ng 10 am at ntapos ng 9pm dahil sa dmi ng tao.. As in, dagsa talga ang tao.

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