We Filipinas are among the first to embrace Korean skin care products when this beauty trend started making waves in the beauty industry. Of course, Koreans know skincare! That’s why face masks and all other Korean skin care products have taken the international beauty industry by storm with consumers clinging on their many benefits in achieving beautiful translucent skin.

I may not be deeply inclined with beauty and skin care, but ageing made me realize that taking care of our skin is important and a must! Now, a new and special type of face mask has made its way to the Philippines and I am lucky to get to try it out!

dyosathemomma: Dermairis Korean Face Mask, night beauty regimen for moms and pregnant women

The Dermairis Korean Face Mask brings Korean technologies to the country the K-beauty trend which means well hydrated, translucent skin.

A Dermairis Mask is consist of a high-density and water-soluble sheet, delivers 4-in-1 skin benefits, and uses 10 main ingredients. Just by applying the multitasking Dermairis Mask twice a week for 4 weeks increases the skin’s moisture content by almost 25 percent!


Look who’s into my new night regimen too! 😀

The Dermairis Mask is developed and manufactured by respected Korean pharmaceutical and cell therapy company JW CreaGene, a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea. As a cosmeceutical, it differentiates itself from ordinary face masks because it is a product that marries cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, improving skin function while preventing premature aging. So you see, real science is behind the magic!

dyosathemomma: Dermairis Korean Face Mask skin care for moms, AmariaNish
Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of yourself!

The Dermairis Mask stands out against other cosmeceuticals because of JW’s proprietary technologies: the patented JW-EGF (CTP-EGF) and AMF (Artificial Moisturizing Factor). EGF, or Epidermal Growth Factor, is an essential part of skin regeneration. It attracts cells to skin trauma to begin the repair process. JW’s patented CTP technologies can penetrate the skin 5x faster than EGF, making the Dermairis Mask more efficient than the rest.

This surely offers more skin benefits and uses more main ingredients than face masks already in the market. These are the four effects of the Dermairis Mask on the skin and the 10 main ingredients that make them possible:

1. Moisturizing
The no. 1 secret to having healthy, young-looking skin is to moisturize. The Dermairis Mask is your key to radiant skin thanks to AMF. AMF absorbs moisture and binds it to create a film coating that blocks moisture from evaporating for up to 120 hours.

The mask also uses hyaluronic acid to attract and retain a large amount of water, and ceramide, which helps hold cells together, leaving you with plump and dewy skin.

2. Anti-wrinkle
Wrinkles may be a fact of life, but faster and more efficient skin repair and regeneration is possible with JW’s patented CTP technologies. The patented JW-EGF (CTP-EGF) delivers medicine more efficiently because it penetrates cells 5x faster than EGF used by other face masks.

More restoring and nourishing ingredients, adenosine and acetyl tetrapeptide, boost cell growth and fight visible signs of aging.

3. Elasticity
Youthful skin is elastic because of large amounts of natural collagen and elastin. As you grow older, you produce less of those proteins, so skin becomes less supple.

The Dermairis Mask restores skin elasticity with the help of astaxanthin, an anti-aging antioxidant. Another collagen- and elastin-building ingredient is snail secretion filtrate. It repairs damaged tissue, wrinkles, and stretch marks. The mask also uses botanical extracts which improve skin texture.

4. Whitening
We don’t have to live with aging skin that looks pale. The Dermairis Mask carries a vitamin called niacinamide to bring clearer complexion. It brightens the skin, evens out skin tone, and fights pigmentation.

dyosathemomma: Dermairis Korean Face Mask, night beauty regimen for moms and pregnant women

The Dermairis Mask is available at Lazada, Watsons & Mercury Drug. The Dermairis Pink variant, which uses soft microfiber that is finer than a hair strand is offered at P150 SRP. For more information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

dyosathemomma: Dermairis Korean Face Mask, night beauty regimen for moms and pregnant women, AmariaNish
Time has been very valuable to me since motherhood hit me. With my HR work + family business + blogging + having a 2-year old and currently 32 weeks pregnant, not to mention that I do not have a helper (!!!) Gosh! I can’t even imagine how I make it through the day!
All of these do not stop me from taking care of myself.
dyosathemomma: Dermairis Korean Face Mask, night beauty regimen for moms and pregnant women
I have been using Dermairis Korean Face Mask to aid on my sleepless nights and stress. Para di halata na susuko na si mother sa pagod! Dapat fresh pa din! Kahit #NoMakeupLook pak!
You may watch how I use Dermairis Korean Face Mask (and how Ysha bothers me while I do so) on this YouTube video:
As a mom, always remember to love yourself, your body, and your skin.
Momma Nish
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