Traveling with the youngest member of the family probably fills you with an equal measure of excitement and fear. Whether you’re off for a long ride or flying to a different country, the trip with your baby should be easy-peasy and the ‘fun-est’ it could possibly be.


Lots of mommies have been asking me, “Is it not a such a hassle to bring a baby to a beach trip?”, “What are the things I need to bring to make sure that our trip is gonna be comfortable for the both of us?”, “I worry about the air pressure when the plane takes off! Won’t the baby cry? What do I have to do?”.


Mommy dears, it’s ok to worry about so many freaking things especially when it’s your first time to bring your little ones with you on a vacation trip. I, too, had so many questions when I started bringing Ysha with me. But after our very first summer trip and I saw that she was fine, I got addicted to carrying her with me wherever I go!

14681773_979221268890964_7516383509565388526_n2 weeks old Ysha on our way to Antipolo.

Her first summer! <3

But to lessen the worries, mommy dears, here are some basic tips you should write on your travel checklist:

1. Pack waaay ahead of time.

Thinking about what you need at least a week in advance makes those final few days of packing less overwhelming. Having a checklist is very, very essential.


Sharing with you my checklist.

For moms who feed formula milk to their babies, of course you must not forget your bottles. I never tried bringing breast pump because Niszha directly latches from me.

2. CHECK everything.

Will I need to bring the stroller? The carrier? Passports?

IMG_6838.jpgOur first flight as family! <3

Airlines allow you to gate check your stroller so it’s gonna be right there waiting for you along with your luggage when you get off the plane. Just do avoid bringing the large/non-collapsible ones which you might not be able to gate check.

IMG_7018.jpgIf you’ll be riding a boat, bring your baby’s own floater as there is usually no life vest that would fit them.

You also have to check all the situations you’d have to consider to lessen the hassle. Eg. Is there a hotel transfer from the airport? What are the activities you’re gonna do and the necessary things you should bring for that?

Mommies have this special talent of foreseeing things. Planning is the key to everything.

3. Pack a few of your baby’s favorite toys/books and of course, his/her snacks too!

Not only will they keep them busy in the car or on the flight, it may also make them feel a little more secure even if their normal routine is disrupted. Remember to always keep them entertained. Haha!


Driving to Baguio.

IMG_9398.jpgLittle girl brought her favorite snack @ Sofitel.

4. Never forget about YOU.

With all these preparations for baby, you might forget that this too is your vacation! Bring for yourself the pillow or blanket that’s most comfortable for you. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Breastfeed in public all you want but never forget your nursing cover, mommy! 😀 It’s amazing that most airports have breastfeeding stations now! <3


Rehydration time!

Some Reminders:

If your baby is mobile enough to leave your line of vision, consider neon to be your summer best friend and dress your little ones loud that you could spot them no matter how crowded the beach may be.


Before dipping on the warm waters of Maquinit Hotspring

Baby’s water shoes or sandals should always be worn especially on extra hot days.

The sand may be squishy and babies tend to play with it but it may irritate the mouth and eyes when it becomes unavoidably airborne. Try to flush them with fresh water, but if irritation persists, see a doctor.

IMG_7229.JPGBungisngis at the Twin Lagoon 😀

Powerful currents of water can occur at any beach with breaking waves so check the current conditions before going in. Take note that near the lifeguard tower is always the best spot. There is no harm on playing safe. 🙂

IMG_7080.JPGFamily swim at Kayangan Lake, Coron

In swimming pools, splish! splash! is fun but it can also get gross. It may cause skin or gastrointestinal infections after it has turned into a bacteria hotbed. The mommy rule of “No drinking the water, honey, please” sounds like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised how many kids drink water from public swimming pools or the personal blow-up ones. Eeek!


Bottom line, mommies- Close supervision, and I mean close enough to touch, is the key!


Let’s make summer really fun for baby and for us parents, too. Hello, Mr. Sun!


Mommy Nish

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