The Crowded Earth (on my way to Palawan)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my humble blog site! To get started, let me first present to you what thesocialsoul would be all about.

Articles that will be posted on this page would talk more about human inevitabilities – food, lifestyle, travel, events, socialization, and a little bit of fashion (just a little bit). It would talk about LIFE in general. Primarily the daily interaction that we as humans have in our everyday life. All photos will be taken by me and graphics shall be created by Ms. Charlene Albo, my very creative multimedia artist friend.

I am happy to share with you a slice of my life through my pictures and my articles. As I am just a beginner, feel free to send me your suggestions and your creative criticisms to help me grow as a writer, they will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for dropping by. Let’s share thoughts and experiences, we are The Social Soul!

Blissfully yours,


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