A lot of the time, moms have this feeling that something terrible is about to happen, and really, we don’t even know what it is! What if my husband is not home from work yet because he is seeing someone else? What if my child gets bullied in school? What if this headache is actually brain tumor? My child isn’t home from school yet, she might have been kidnapped! Mothers can get really crazy overthinking.

dyosathemomma: Tips on how moms can live a worry-free life, Best ever Joy dishwashing liquid

The truth is, everyone worries. Though some worrying actually helps you cope and function (like being stressed out about your child not passing his/her exams, for example, can help motivate you to prepare him/her better for it), too much worrying creates tension and anxiety, which zaps concentration and just makes you unable to cope.

dyosathemomma: Tips on how moms can live a worry-free life, Best ever Joy dishwashing liquidRemember this, my dear mommies: A scared mom will raise scared kids, and a brave mom will raise brave kids. Let us not project your fear on to our children. Whenever our kids see our fears in our parenting, it doesn’t help them achieve their full potential.

How do we overcome this worry? Here are some tips!

1. Recognize that you are worrying.

You may jot down a worry when it comes into your head. Recording your thoughts is called self-observation, and this can help diminish the intensity of your anxiety and its effect on you. While writing down what’s worrying you, you’re better able to understand it, which helps it feel more contained and manageable. Do a reality check and figure what are the chances that this worry will actually happen? Can I do something about it? This can help you see that the worries may be exaggerated, that you’re over worrying and that you have things more under control than you thought.

2. Make a plan.

The more you worry, the more out of control you feel, which makes you worry even more. Putting action steps in writing can give you a handle on the situation. After you list down your specific worries, write down two or three concrete things you can do about each one. If you’re stressing about something that could happen (but hasn’t yet), write down what you would do if it did.

3. Cover the family with prayer.

When we pray over our kids, we are wielding our greatest weapon against the onslaught of the enemy, and we are asking God to shield them with His hand of protection. Prayer is able to go where we cannot, and do what our limited abilities cannot handle. There’s no limitation with prayers. And when your kids see how you pray about all that concerns them, you are also reinforcing their ability to trust in God and to also live worry-free lives.

You may watch this video of my baby girl Ysha reciting The Lord’s Prayer before going to sleep. 🙂

4. Find time to relax your mind and body.

Emotions can manifest themselves physically: Being anxious can cause aches, pains and muscle tension—and vice versa. So relaxing your body can help relax your mind. Most people are unaware of how tense their muscles really are and how shallow their breathing is. When you’re in a state of worry, sit down in a comfortable spot, close your eyes and take 5 minutes to breathe in from your belly, inhaling through your nose for a slow count to five, then exhaling through your mouth for a slow count to five.

Visual imagery can also help! Imagine the most peaceful scene you can and try to see it, hear it, smell it. Mine is the beach! Listening to the waves as they hit the shoreline. Ugh! Relaxes me all the time! Mentally go to your “happy place” while you breathe in and out for a slow count of four.

5. Trust your “mother instincts”.

This might sound funny to others but if you are mom, you know this is real! As a mother, we know exactly what’s best for our kids and for the whole family. When is the best date for the family travel? Which kind of drinking water should we consume at home? Am I getting the best out of this product because it’s cheaper?

One way I worry less is choosing the quality products for our home – including our dishwashing liquid!


Our household NEVER used a different brand other than JOY Dishwashing Liquid. And with the new formula of the Best Ever Joy, worries about germs and grease sticking to my pots, plates, glasses and Ysha’s lunch boxes, the worries about family budget and if the household items I buy are the best in quality and cost are all washed away! Gives me absolutely #ZeroWorries 🙂

dyosathemomma: Tips on how moms can live a worry-free life, Best ever Joy dishwashing liquid, mommy blogger phdyosathemomma: Tips on how moms can live a worry-free life, Best ever Joy dishwashing liquid, mommy blogger ph

Know more about how Joy gives moms #ZeroWorries by checking out their Facebook Page.

Hope these tips on how to manage stress and worrying for us moms has been helpful.

dyosathemomma: Tips on how moms can live a worry-free life, Best ever Joy dishwashing liquid, mommy blogger ph

There are plenty of things to worry about in everyday life. Family, work, friends, health… Add motherhood to the mix, and it’s hard not to fly right off of the anxiety charts! It’s only by countering these motherhood anxiety triggers with truth that we are able to keep things in perspective and thrive in my journey as a mom. Always remember that you are doing a great job! If you love your kids and you keep trying to do your best, then you are doing things right.


Momma Nish

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13 Comments on Tips On How Moms Can Live A #ZeroWorries Life

  1. Awwwwe. First part palang relate na ko sis, nag overthink talaga tayo minsan, it just shows kung gaano tayo ka-caring and thoughtful. Another good read! Thanks for sharing your thoughts sis, we all deserve to be #ZeroWorries!

  2. I agree on covering our motherly lives in PRAYER. There are many things we don’t have control over and we can only trust in God’s sovereignty to know that whatever happens, to our kids, household or careers, it’s all part of His greater plan. 🙂 This way, we’ll be at peace and worry not because we know si God na bahala.

  3. Love the tips here. aaminin ko, kulang ako sa prayers. mukhang God made ways na for me to realize how important prayers are by letting me stumble upon this post. thanks for the reminder.

  4. Just saw this!! galing ni Ysha mag recite ng Lord’s prayer 💜💜💜 And I super agree with this, “Prayer is able to go where we cannot, and do what our limited abilities cannot handle.” While writing helps me calm down, prayer lets off that heavy feeling in my heart because I’m reminded that the Lord is in control of everything in my life. Haaaay. Salamat sa reminder, momsh! 💜

  5. Thank you for the tips Mommy Nish ,this really proves that lahat ng mommy talaga praning lalo na sa kaligtasan ng mga anak natin. Keeping this in mind,motherhood really is very challenging but thanks to those moms who really supports moms when it comes to parenting and all..Thank you for this Blog Mommy.

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