It was my first time to but Ysha’s vitamins online and I am excited to share with you how convenient my experience was!

That’s right! Our present world is very modern that even vitamins and medicines for the whole family can be shopped online! And now that I myself have tried it, right, I am a certified Millennial Mom!


So there’s this Hey Mom online shop that sells many well-known brands of children and adults’ vitamins/medicines, and even personal/health care! They have products such as Ceelin, a vitamins by Unilab that Ysha has been taking since she was 8 months old. And since it has been raining almost the entire September, I thought of giving their online shop a try rather than braving the wet roads and going through the hassle of lining up at the drugstore just to get her vitamins.

Here are the simple steps I had to go through:

  1. I registered at and an e-mail confirmation was sent to me right after.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 1.47.33 PM

2.Then I just had to sign in with the user name and password I created for my account.

3. Took the liberty to explore the site for a little while. I like the millennial colors! They even have interesting reads for moms like me who’s always up to learning new motherhood info!

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 1.51.59 PM4. I clicked on the “SHOP” to checkout the categories they have and typed in Ceelin on the search tab provided for it was what I was about to buy for Ysha.

5. After choosing the products I wish to purchase, I clicked “ADD TO CART” and then “CONTINUE SHOPPING” because I wanted to get her Disudrin too. My baby very seldom gets colds but it’s better to always have it in our room fridge.

6. I was all set so all I had to do was click “PROCEED TO CART”. You may remove or add products as you wish but don’t forget to click “UPDATE SHOPPING CART” once you’re done with all your changes.

6. I reviewed the total cost of the items I was about to purchase and hit “CHECK OUT” to finalize my order. Then I was redirected to a page where I had to fill out my billing and shipping details.

Payment Options:  Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card

Shipping Fee: P50 for QC which I am from

Received my order after 3 days!

I received a confirmation email that my order is being processed and all I had to do then was wait for my package right at my doorstep! No need to ask Daddy Jaze to drive me and Ysha at the nearest drugstore! Prices of the items I bought were even lower compared to my suking tindahan!

Look how safely packed it was. I’ll give them an A for packaging! 😀


And that was it, very easy and convenient! I just wish they had a mobile app too for mooore convenience. Hahaha!


Hey Mom also offers product bundles of their best-selling items. Having to try this one out for myself, I encourage full time moms and working moms like me to try it out too! Happy shopping from home!


Momma Nish

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