“Through the years, Safeguard, the nation’s leading germ protection soap, has made it a mission to educate as many Filipinos on the importance and proper way to hand wash in partnership with the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET), Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Education (DepEd).


It was an honor for me to be invited to this year’s event of spreading awareness on how to keep families healthy through handwashing held at Baseco Covered Court on October 12.

Grade school pupils attentively listening & learning new info

Mr. Lester Estrada of P&G, Ms. Edna Vidal-Nito of DOH and Ms. Catherine Moore, the Secretariat Director of Global handwashing Partnership.

Here are some shocking facts I learned during their quick talk!

safeguard informatic_100917-01.jpg

These girls squirming after learning that there are 64,013 germs found on the hands 10 kids!
David, all the way from SG, shows how many microorganisms that cause illness are found on a kid’s unwashed hands!


Look how beauty soaps, or even some anti-bac soaps do not remove germs at all!

Now look how germ-free a hand is after washing with Safeguard!


No wonder it’s the leading germ protection soap trusted by most families here in the Philippines!

My family included!

The kids enjoyed Jollibee meals while waiting for the main part of the program!

In this year’s Global Handwashing Day celebration, Safeguard has partnered with no less than the “Pambasang Bae” Alden Richards to bring attention to the importance of proper and habitual handwashing. And I couldn’t think of who else better to do this than Alden being one of the most prominent & influential personalities in the country today!


Ang pogi pala talaga niya guys! 😀

Alden himself sang the handwashing song and invites every Filipino to make it a habit to unfailingly wash their hands with Safeguard in these 5 “hugas non-negotiables” — before “mano”, after using the toilet, before eating, after playing and before bonding.

He lead the proper handwashing demo with the pupils and members of the media.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.56.10 PM

I wasn’t able to get a good photo so I’m posting this one from Sir Danny Pata of GMA News. 🙂

Alden along with the other members of the Global handwashing day movement

It was such a successful event!

Also happy to personally meet these two lovely mommy bloggers, Rochelle and Kath. <3

He smells so fresh kahit super init sa venue and everyone were really sweating hard!

I know better now about germs and how to keep my Amaria Niszha away from it. Let’s teach our little ones proper handwashing the earliest possible time!


Share the newest Safeguard handwashing song led by Alden to remind your friends and family about the significance of handwashing especially during the Christmas season:

Also posting a vlog for this event on my Youtube channel soon!

Let’s spread the love and not the germs this holiday season! Bawat Hugas, Dapat Safeguard Hugas!


Momma Nish


Watch this vid for Alden’s performance!



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