Our babies will be in diapers for the first years of their life and we’ll really be spending a lot of money on them (Oh my!). The decision on choosing the right diaper is very important. Not only should it be best for baby, but offers us moms exceptional value too because while there are many things moms like me can scrimp on, my Amaria Niszha’s well-being isn’t one of them.

Now, how do we SAVE on diapers while still giving our child the best? How do we choose the best one and make sure that we’re actually getting our money’s worth?


We are not rich but we have enough to give our Ysha the best that she deserves. We have been trusting Pampers to care for her since day 1. And here are the reasons why moms like me find Pampers to be the most sulit disposable diaper for our little ones:

  • Pampers offer exceptional absorbency

It is able to quickly absorb and lock in the wetness that helps prevent Ysha’s skin from being exposed to persistent moisture, which typically leads to rashes.

After more than a year, feeling her dry, fluffy butt cheeks after removing her nappies still surprises me! 😀 And she never, as in NEVER, had rashes, ever, with pampers!

Pampers Baby-Dry
Pampers Baby-Dry Pants

Look how thin these diapers are! I wonder how they get to be sooo absorbent!

Probably because…

  • Pampers is made of quality materials

We all know that baby’s skin is very sensitive. What I like most with Pampers is that it has a very cottony feel for it’s made with ultra soft and gentle materials that will not irritate my little girl’s skin.  Comfort and safety are two elements that we really have to consider on choosing a diaper and I will vouch for Pampers for that!


  • Pampers is ideal for Ysha’s size

Ysha has enormous legs! (mana sa mommy!) But one key feature of Pampers is the stretchy tapes that help adjust to her shape and movement for superior fit and comfort. We started using the Pampers Baby-Dry Pants for her as she turned 1 year old and the elastic waistbands help adjust to her getting even heavier and playful. Plus the easy-on and easy-tear off benefits help make changing a breeze especially when we’re out!

Look at them ELASTIC waistbands!

Diaper sizing conventions are based on babies’ weight. However, like most clothes, sizing from brand to brand can vary, and so does baby’s fit on the diapers.


  • Pampers offer more savings in the long run!

We often try to strike a balance between the cost of an item and its perceived quality, choosing to sacrifice some quality if it means it will lead to more savings. Now that I am a mother and I have tried this first hand, I know for a fact that high quality diapers, most especially Pampers, end up giving more savings in the long run.


Don’t just check the price of one pad of diaper when computing for how much a diaper really costs! Higher quality diapers may be more expensive, but they offer exceptional absorbency, which means changing less often and using fewer diapers in a day. This means I actually save more because I purchased less diapers!  It is much more accurate to compute cost of diapers monthly because it reflects how much diapers you actually use, and how much you save from having less frequent changes.


And if your baby gets rashes or skin irritations because of the lower quality diaper, it may make them feel unwell and uncomfortable that you’d have to see their pedia and buy expensive creams to put on, etc. Making you end up taking extra measures to nurse them back to health.

No wetness has ever interrupted my little girl’s nap/bed time <3
  • Pampers has a cute design!

I personally like how playfully cute their designs are! And I looove seeing them on Ysha! 😀



Pampers ensures superior quality with 12-hours of overnight dryness to help give baby a good night sleep and protection from diaper rash. In fact, Pamper Baby Dry can last longer than 2 ordinary diapers overnight, which means I’m not only ensuring Ysha’s comfort, mas nakakatipid pa talaga ako!

Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company and is the #1-selling diaper worldwide. Why wouldn’t I trust Pampers when parents have trusted it to care for their babies for more than 50 years!

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We’ve tried both the cheaper and the more expensive brands, but we just keep coming back to Pampers! Moms like me trust only the best diaper for the best motherhood journey.


Momma Nish



2 Comments on Why Moms Like Me Trust Pampers

  1. It took me a long time to grasp that the price is per diaper- not per package. I was spending less on cheaper diapers, but going through the packages at a much higher rate! Great post!

  2. Providing our baby Adam with safety and high quality products makes me feel that I can be the best mom. I trust Pampers because of the safeness it gives to our baby Adam. Our baby Adam never experienced allergies, skin irritation or even rashes while using pampers diapers, wipes and pants. As a keen and first time mom I always check the ingredients of every products I used on him. I see to it that it should be quality assured and proven to be safe, mild, gentle, and non-irritating. I could proudly say that Pampers helps me give the best care for baby Adam because leading pediatric dermatologists, pediatricians, and safety experts confirmed that the materials from pampers are safe for babies and has the vision in reducing environmental impact. One more reason why I keep on patronizing Pampers is that it partnered with UNICEF protect mothers against neonatal tetanus, a life saving act which made me say that faith in humanity is still roaming.

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