Who loves online shopping? Who loves rebates? Well, I know moms do! And here, I am sharing with you not just any rebate system whenever we shop for our essentials online, but THE most reliable cash back app there is!

Wanna know more? Keep reading for some good news that moms like me would really love to know about!

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ShopBack just rolled out its annual mega year-end shopping festival in the Philippines called ShopBack ShopFest. ShopFest is the first online stop for shoppers to get the most out of this year-end sales period (9.9, 10.10, 11.11, 12.12). The event helps you navigate the labyrinth of year-end sales by shedding light on who, what, where, when, why, and how to shop smarter on this year’s shopping season.
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Organized by ShopBack, the year-end shopping festival headlines six major online shopping events designed to delight shoppers with diverse needs. Filled with tips and tricks to help you locate your best buys heading to Christmas. ShopFest marks the beginning of all your shopping escapades from travel, dining, fashion, marketplaces, electronics, and more.

Make ShopFest your first stop for your year-end shopping desires now because simply put, in this ShopFest, ShopBack lets you save money while spending money!

So what is ShopBack, you ask?
ShopBack is the #1 rewards and discovery platform in APAC. It’s a platform that lets users earn up to 30% cashback when shopping online.
It’s amazing how ShopBack is bringing the biggest e-commerce stores together to offer an avalanche of promos and discounts catered to online shoppers like you. This amazing rewards platform has partnered with 500+ merchants including your favorite online stores like Shopee, Zalora, Nike, Aliexpress, Foodpanda, Booking.com, Lazada, etc.

Even some of our favorite baby care brands/stores like Tiny Buds and PatPat.

You may read more about them by clicking the links below.

https://www.shopback.ph/blog/where-to-buy-quality-baby-care-essentials https://www.shopback.ph/blog/baby-must-haves-for-new-moms


Alright, I know this has gotten you really interested now. Ready to sign up? Just click this link >> shopback.ph/dyosathemomma

I have also included here a step-by-step process on how to use ShopBackto make it easier for moms like me who are kind of scared with online processes. I swear it is super simple!

  1. Download and Sign up
  2. Browse from over 500+ stores that you can shop from
  3. Buy what you need (and want)
  4. You can get real cash back in your CashBack account in 72 hours
  5. Which you can withdraw into your bank as real cash!

If that doesn’t sound awesome enough for moms, I don’t know what will! For me, online shopping has never been this good and rewarding! Such amazing treats for the busy, hardworking homemakers!


Shopping online is probably most moms’ pleasure these days and honestly one of my favorite activities lately. I’m sure many of you reading this really love going online shopping too! Ahh… feels like living the good life, right? Safe at home, checking out things we need online in the comfort of our couch or bed, and while breastfeeding or waiting for the rice to be cooked. If only we get rewarded by doing the things we love, right? Well, wish granted, mommies… Cashback is here!


Let me know if you have experienced the rewards brought by ShopBack and how does it feel to get some many back from what you spent. It must be really fun and exciting, huh! So for first-time moms, soon-to-be-moms, and all the different kinds of beautiful moms, try this very reliable rebates app now and enjoy online shopping more while we’re stuck at home! Type in the comments your experience, we would love to know about it.

Let’s stay safe home and enjoy online shopping more now with CashBack!


Momma Nish

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  1. Omg! Speaking of.. thanks for sharing your code mommy nish. Naalala ko at mag 10.10 narin pala. Hehe to think na lahat tayo nakastay lang sa bahay grsbe bilis ng panahon. Anyways haha ittry ko ang code na to mommy. Never ko pa to natry as in. Lagi ko lang nakikita sa Facebook to at sa groups na napaguusapan. iddownload ko ang app pag malapit na ang 10.10 sakto sale na tapos may cashback pa. Astiig! ❤👌

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