Mommies! Seems like science has our backs on this long time argument and debate of from whom did the kids get their intelligence! And because of this new study, I think it is now safe to say, “Mother knows best!”.

Well, perhaps we’ve all kind of suspected this all along but it is ok to boast about it now that it’s supported by research and science.

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The study published on Psychology Spot determined that a child’s intelligence is passed on from his or her mother, thanks to a little gene known as chromosome X, which packs a powerful punch of intellect. Since females carry two X chromosomes, it’s twice as likely that children will inherit this characteristic from their mother. And if that same gene is inherited from the dad, it switches off.

These smart AF genes accumulate in the cerebral cortex where cognitive functions like intelligence, thought, language, and planning, are developed.


As a woman, I have a strong hope that this new findings will affect the way people thing about women’s intellect. Perhaps it could open the door to a new way of thinking and shatter all those archaic sexist tropes about men being smarter than women.


I am a mom to two spirited little girls. My first born is now 3 years old and is very outspoken and conversational at her young age. Whenever she is crying or making a scene trying to assert her opinion or talking back to stress to me her point – these characteristics are pinned on me. I’m responsible for their innate proclivity to burst into tears when overcome with emotion or push back when they do not get their way. All those emotion-fueled responses are all because of me.

But what about my 3-year-old’s ability to think up smart and quirky responses on the fly or her capability to learn new, sometimes complex, vocabulary words, only having heard them a few times? When my 9-month-old spends several minutes fitting LEGO bricks together? Where did those talents come from?


If we’re being honest, most people would likely assume these talents are form their father. You know, because men have long been thought to be “superior” in intellect and “experts” at problem-solving and blah blah blah

And yet, this isn’t the only study that has credited a child’s intelligence to their mom. A 1994 study led by the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Glasgow, Scotland also found that the best predictor of intelligence was in fact the IQ of the mother. The ratios of young people’s intelligence varied on an average of 15 points from their moms, according to the study.


Perhaps these new findings will finally put an end to all those silly “you get your looks from your mom” comments, and we’ll finally start hearing things like “you’re so smart; just like your mom.” Or better yet, maybe the wide range of emotions our kids exhibit in a given day won’t be blamed solely on us females. Hahaha! Minsan nga mas madalas pa ang sumpong ng mga daddies, diba? 😀


Dads should get some credit for this, too. Thanks to dads, paternal genes gather in areas of the “emotional brain” known as the limbic system, which is responsible for ensuring our survival, and is involved in the not-so-surprising functions of sex, food, and aggression.

Both parties are responsible for helping to create those incredible children — emotional outbursts and all.


I would personally be pulling the “mom-knows-best” card on this. Especially for hands-on, full time, exclusively breastfeeding mom like me. I believe, other than the genes that these studies have already proven, my nurturing, my breastmilk, and all the time I spent with them singing, reading, bathing, playing, touching, kissing and have something to do, have a lot to do, with them being smart. So, daddy Jaze, and all the dads out there reading this blog, sorry but we are just keeping it real. Hihi.

Watch my 2-year old Amaria counting 1-10 in 7 different languages! <3

Still, while moms are responsible for passing on important intelligence characteristics to their children, it’s all about the partnership and the way in which both the cognitive and limbic systems influence one another that drive decision making.

After all, it is our genes that help make those remarkably adorable (and oftentimes infuriating) offspring of ours the smarties they are today.

And. Then again. Science doesn’t lie. *wink*


Momma Nish

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  1. I love this new studyyyy!! *wink* Hahaha :)) At least science is here to support us now!

  2. hihi cute and smart ni Ate 😊 Nakakaproud din Mommy noh, kasi alam natin milestones nila nakakatuwa 👏 I’ve read bout this claim from Science na sa Moms daw.

  3. I agree with this Mommy 😅 But not only because of science, but because I know myself that I nurture my child properly 😊 Hi to my husband! 😉 HAHAHA 😆 Anyway, ang galing galing magcount ni Amaria 😍👏👏

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