Fun Parenting With Li’l Twinkies!

As parents of this generation, we want parenting to be less strenuous or complicated, but  rather more light and fun. I know most of you would agree with me on that. And to help us make nurturing our little beings better, we look for products that will aide on caring for our kids and at the same time give us a great bonding experience with them as this, too, has an impact on their growth and development.

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That being said, I am so happy to have been introduced to Li’l Twinkies — a new baby brand in the country that advocates on fun parenting through research, development, testing and distribution of high grade and safe parenting products that catalyze effective baby and infant nursing.

dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, AmNiszhaGirl
My Amaria, enjoying her meal on her Li’l Twinkies Anti-Slip Silicone Dish Plate. <3
dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, AmNiszhaGirl
Using her Li’l Twinkies Silicone Spoon to munch on her fruits!

No wonder their products have easily been on a lot of household with babies and kids. First thing you’ll notice are their line up of lively, colorful items that makes feeding more fun and easy for weaning babies! Less stress for us parents, right?

From what I have seen during Mommy Mundo expos, here are the products they offer:

  • Breastmilk storage bag
  • Baby feeding bottles
  • Baby utensils (plate, bowl, spoon)
  • Teether / Chewy Mitten
  • UV Wand Sanitizer
  • Other mom-baby health care accessories

Personally, I love the Li’l Twinkies products that we have (and I have used with my girls) because first, their bright pastel colors make my kids excited to eat! Perhaps they really are foodies like their mom (hahaha!) but there is definitely something about our Li’l Twinkies utensils that has made feeding more fun and exciting for them.

dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, AmNiszhaGirl
This little girls loves seeing her food sorted out like that! I guess there’s satisfaction (and achievement) on kids having to finish all of them!
dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, AmNiszhaGirl
Breakfast in Nagano, Japan. We brought their Li’l Twinkies utensils along!

I got to try out their products from my Mommy Mundo event loot bag and really loved them since!

dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, mommy mundo
If you breastfeed, I highly recommend you get this Breastmilk Storage Bag from Li’l Twinkies! Super easy to use and you can even label them with date and time.
dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph
They got me with their cute packaging! <3

Having a 3-year old and a 9-month old, can you just imagine the mess they could make during meal time? But thanks to Li’l Twinkies Silicone Suction Bowl and their Anti-Slip Silicone Dish Plate, mess at the dining area has been noticeably minimized!

dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, UV Sanitizer
Used this magical UV Wand to sanitize my girls’ bowls and spoons (and other stuff) during our Japan trip.
dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, UV Sanitizer
At home, we normally use it for our gadgets. Such a fun bonding with my little helper! 🙂

I checked real well and I could say that Lil Twinkies only use high grade and safe parenting products for my child.  Their products do not contain harmful chemicals that may bring serious side effect for your child. So go ahead, baby Yana! Bite and chew up on that teether!

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For parents’ peace of mind, all Li’l Twinkies products are:

  • BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Made with food-grade materials
  • Designed to give more comfort and convenience
  • Guaranteed safe to use by moms and babies
  • laboratory tested and passed SGS Laboratory Test
dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, Anti-Slip Silicone Bowl and Spoon
Look how cool these Anti-Slip Silicone Weaning Bowl and Spoon are! Super love them on Blue and Teal. <3

We use their silicone bowls for meals with soup, cereal, oatmeal or even rice meals without soup. They are also easy to wash and let dry.

dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, Anti-Slip Silicone Bowl and Spoon
Nice design and gives a good grip for my kids’ tiny hands. #mommaapproved

For more details and information about the company, the brand and their products, you may visit their website and like their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram for updates.

We want you to try out some of these amazing Li’l Twinkies products too! So here is a GIVEAWAY! <3

dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, Anti-Slip Silicone Bowl and Spoon, UV Sanitizer


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PRIZE: Li’l Twinkies UV Wand Sanitizer, Anti-Slip Silicone Bowl & Spoon

The winner will be announced on June 14! Join now! 🙂

dyosathemomma: Li'l Twinkies review, mommy blogger ph, Anti-Slip Silicone Dish Plate, AmNiszhaGirl
Every mom loves seeing their kids enjoy each meal. <3


The continuous search for safe and convenient to use products for mom and baby is over! Parents never stop looking for great products for their kids and Li’l Twinkies continues to develop both baby and maternity necessities resulting to a happy nurturing. Check out and try Li’l Twinkies products and see for yourself! Happy parenting, moms and dads!


Momma Nish

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37 thoughts on “Fun Parenting With Li’l Twinkies!

  1. Jessica Bathan June 5, 2019 — 8:06 pm

    Ang cute nung bowl. Super useful nito momsh!! Lalo na mahilig sa soup mga kids!

    1. True! Kaya favorite talaga namin. 🙂

  2. Julie Olleres June 5, 2019 — 8:30 pm


    1. Thanks for joining! True mommy, nadagdagan nga ang appetite ng kids ko talaga dahil maganda ang kainan nila. Hehe.

    2. hehehe oo momsh kahit cguro ako gaganahan hahaha

  3. Maribert Orpiada June 5, 2019 — 8:35 pm

    Wow .. sali ako dito mommy .. perfect to sa baby ko na 1 taon plang.nag sisimula palang mag aral kumaen mag Isa tamang Tama dahil kahit itaob Nia plate Nia di Nia magagawa kahit anong hila nia.and Yung sanitizer .. I super need it talaga Kung San San nagpupunta at Kung ano ano pinupulot sabay subo

    1. Kaya nga mommy buti at may mga sanitizer na na ganito ngayon noh? 🙂

  4. Dahil Habang Lumalaki na po Yung babay ko, Now 1 year old and 4 months na po sya Kaya More on solid foods na siya at Gusto Niya din minsan na Siya Yung susubo Nang food Sa Sarili Niya Kaya Super Kailangan din namin toh Dahil ang kalat Niya kumain hehe.. at Syempre Yung UV wand Sanitizer Para 💯 % safe at Clean po. Hinde na Ako lagi mag woworry. Dahil lahat namn Tayo ayaw mag kasakit Yung ating Anak at Healthy at masayahin Sila Masaya na din po ako. 😊😊♥️

    1. Agree on everything you said mommy! Thank you for sharing and good luck! 🙂

  5. narissamaquera June 5, 2019 — 11:50 pm

    Join po ako mommy… Super perfect ito sa aking baby girl lalu na now na gusto na nya sya ang humahawak ng spoon nya. Nakakatuwa po yung UV wand sanitizer, may ganito na pla na 🙂 super convenient lalu na kapag nag tra travel and ang daling gamitin parang nag scan lang 🥰🥰🥰 hoping hoping to win po 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for the chance momsh 😊

    1. Thanks for joining! Agree with you mommy, they loved their feeding bowl and spoon during our recent travel. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this information po Mommy. Ive learned a lot.
    Godbless po.

    1. Glad to be of help always mommy! Thanks for dropping by. <3

  7. The product that we can trust for the safety of our little ones. <3

    1. True! Us mommies talaga always choose the best for our kids. <3

  8. Cathy Claire Danao Jaluag June 6, 2019 — 2:07 pm

    I’m really eyeing on those products ever since. I believe that they are the best for our kids and I want to give my son what’s best for him but I can’t afford buying those for him and it’s also not here in our province. I really want them for my son especially that we are now on the stage of baby-led weaning. I also love the UV wand sanitizer because as you can see it’s so handy and it’s cleans germs by just swooshing the sanitizer. So amazing! 😍

    I’m really hoping I could win this giveaway! Thank you po mommy. I’m also done with all the mechanics. ❤❤❤

    1. Thanks for joining mommy! The UV wand sanitizer is helpful lalo na sa mga OC moms. Hehe.

  9. Reading the label. We moms don’t care to give off some time reading the labels just to ensure that we only use the safest for our lo’s. Most of the items lil twinkies provides do.

    1. Agree on that mommy! Reading the label is our job din talaga.

  10. Wow ang gaganda at galing, sana mapili kasi 2yr old na si lo hindi pa marunong kumain mag-isa kasi ayaw ko talaga ng makalat kaya sinusubuan ko pa rin ’til now.

    1. Great to know baby is weaning now and yes, the feeding bowl and spoon of Li’l Twinkies will be good for your little one. 🙂

  11. I feel you mommy Nish. I have a 3 year old and 6mos old. Plus the 7 year old always join the trouble too when eating haha so it is so chaotic everytime we eat hahaha.

    1. Diba? Part of them growing up talaga. Dapat mahaba ang patience natin. Hihi.

  12. violetxplorer June 7, 2019 — 1:27 pm

    This is an awesome giveaway kasi I like to try the UV wand.
    I hope we win.
    More powers and thanks for sharing.

    1. Really helpful in keeping the necessities in the house clean. 🙂

  13. Its perfect to my LO specially the anti slip silicone weaning bowl and spoon… he’S starting learning eating alone😊

    1. Wow that’s good to know! The bowl and spoon of Li’l Twinkies will be really good for him. 🙂

  14. Lala Tellano-Viray June 10, 2019 — 12:12 am

    Mas naexcite ako na malapit na mag 6months si Lavinne 😍 Malapit na siya magsolids!!! (but half of me wants her to slow down a bit at wag mabilis lumaki hahaha!). The baby utensils look nice nga coz of the colors and how they are made from safe materials. I’ve seen one from my friend and it looks promising and sabi niya it helps make mealtime more interesting for her kids. Looking forward to trying their products! 💜 @lalatellano

    1. Nakakaexcite nga ang stage na yan mommy! But watchout coz it’s gonna be really messy too! Haha! But thank heavens may mga feeding utensils like Li’l Twinkies that help mabawasan ang kalat. 🙂

  15. super true mommy Nish haha test of patience talaga lalo na sakin with 3 kulilits haha perfect talaga tong Lil Twinkies giveaways kasi makalat sila kumain lahat. The 3yr old, grabe hahaha nagwawalis at punas ako habang kumakain so sira ang appetite ko haha must have naman talaga yung wand sanitizer lalo na sa mga work from home moms like me, imbes na magbreak, maglilinis pa. But with the help of the wand, we can rest during our break kasi panatag ka hehe

    1. Hehe. #mommylife but we wouldn’t want it any other way. <3 Totally agree with you, mommy!

      1. ang motto ko nga, yes, mapapagod, magrereklamo pero di susukuan haha salute to all moms talaga like us and like u mommy Nish kasi super hands on ka tapos napursue mo pa career mo ❤😊

        1. Aww. Thank you! It’s not easy but moms will do anything for their kids, right? <3

  16. join po ako mommy nish…magana kumain ang babies pag maganda ang plate at spoon ..and of course ang wand sanitizer…super like ko po mgkaroon ..sana palarin this time…para kay baby west 👶 🤗😍🙏🙏🙏 thank u mommy nish🤗

    1. Thanks for joining, mommy!

  17. salamat ng marami MOMMY Nish @Dyosa The Momma para sa pagkakataong magkaroon kami ng napakagandang Produkto ng @LilTwinkies….nakakabilib ang mga @LilTwinkies dahil sa mga taglay niyang katangian na very Safe sa ating mga Little Ones ..dahil dito Panatag Mommies tayo at alam natin naibibigay natin ang Pinaka D BEST sa kanila..Praying & Hoping manalo na kmi ni baby ng Anti Slip Silicone Bowl and Spoon & ?Magic UV Wand Sterilizer 🙏🙏🙏 😍💖😇.
    IG: rosasbenmar

    1. Thank you so much po for joining. Hope di kayo magsawa, madami pa po continues giveaway to come to thank you all for your support! <3

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