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Leave the Bad Hair Days Behind for a Salontastic Hair Transformation

If going through 2020 were to be described in a nutshell, it definitely would be a rough ride – much like having to go through a bad hair day, every single day. Now that the new year is here, it’s time to turn things around for the better — here’s to 2021, a year of […] Read more…

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Why Shouldn’t We Be Scared of Investments?

Perhaps a lot of professionals, OFWs, and businessmen, with their own families or not, have considered putting some of their hard-earned money into a good investment in the hopes of getting good returns. They thought about it, but years passed and they have not taken steps to pursue it. They haven’t decided yet. They couldn’t. […] Read more…

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Celebrations Made Easy with Breville’s Kitchen Pros

For us Filipinos, it doesn’t take much to continue the festivities as long as we have all our loved ones next to us—that, and a table of hearty meals that we can all enjoy as a family. This was the overall theme during the two-part holiday virtual event that Breville Philippines hosted on December 12 […] Read more…

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Why I Decided To Have My Implant Contraceptive Removed

For busy millennial moms like me, not to mention the current state of the world in this pandemic, having a new child is seriously out of the picture. I still believe contraceptive implant is the best birth plan control for couples who plan not to have kids yet, but I am sharing on this blog […] Read more…

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3 Tips for Busy Moms To Get Food On The Table

Busy parents experience a daily struggle with putting food on the table, would you agree? As a work-at-home mom, my everyday concerns involve not only what food to prepare each day but how to find the time to do it! If you’re looking for some useful and effective tips on how you can easily prepare […] Read more…

dyosathemomma-Chalkboard-online tutor-AmariaNiszha

Finally! A One-On-One Online Tutorial Whenever Our Kids Need It!

Parents have always had this issue and concern of where to get tutors for a specific subject or lesson for their kids. Some horror stories include tutors not meeting their expectations or tutor has been fully paid but “no show” and then the fee is gone with the wind. If you’re one of the many […] Read more…

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