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dyosathemomma-pynocare-how to treat melasma

What Is Melasma and How I Treated It

Did you ever look at your face in the mirror and notice tiny spots starting to appear? And then one morning, you’re just so surprised that those tiny spots have already turned darker, bigger, and even turned into annoying clusters? This was me this year. My derma said I should stay away from the sun […] Read more…

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Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread with USA Frozen Blueberries

What’s cool, blue, and available, too? Blueberries from the U.S.A, that’s what! Grab a bag of frozen or canned U.S.A. blueberries as they’re available throughout the year in supermarkets nationwide. Blueberries are delicious, beautiful, healthy, simple, and versatile. Whether you’re cooking, snacking, or pursuing healthy habits, blueberries bring back the pleasure and ease that help […] Read more…

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Give the Gift of Health This Holiday

Check on your friends or family. This has been a reminder that takes special meaning in our not-so-normal circumstances. With a pandemic that causes enormous uncertainty and plays with people’s minds, making them feel isolated or fearful, a check-up call from someone can make a major difference to anyone’s day. Whether it’s a virtual call, […] Read more…

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Be “GRAPE-ful” and Share Welch’s Goodness this October

We are living in a pandemic for more than a year now. Different kinds of bad news keep popping on TV and social media day by day. This can actually cause stress, discomfort, and anxiety. But despite all the negativity, we should strive to stay positive. We must be grateful for what we have right […] Read more…

dyosathemomma-why you should get covid vaccine

Why You Need To Get The Covid Vaccine?

There are still a lot of Filipinos who are still unsure whether they should get the Covid-19 vaccine or not. If you’re one of them, consider these reasons below and think about what the vaccine could provide you and the important people in your life. Because now that effective vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed […] Read more…

dyosathemomma-Baby Shark-Nickelodeon


The most popular song on the planet, and the most adorable sharks in the world, now have their own animated series! Starting July 26, dive into the world of Baby Shark and his best friend William and join them as they embark on fun-filled comedic adventures in Carnivore Cove, make new friends and sing catchy […] Read more…

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